Aromatech – Free WordPress Theme

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Aromatech - Free WordPress Theme

Aromatech - Free WordPress Theme

Description: Light blue colors but they are quite pleasant to look at. Perhaps the best things about this theme is that it is search engine optimized, right widget panel, bottom widget panel, Gravatars integration, easy to customize. Based on GPL code structured by cmDesign.

Widget Ready: The theme supports widgets. Just drop the ones you use and you are ready to go.

Search Engine Optimizated: As usual the title tags and internal pages are already optimized for search engines.

Author URI:


Having any questions, suggestions, concerns feel free to drop your note below.

Sidebar - Aromatech Free WordPress

Sidebar - Aromatech Free WordPress

Aromatech - Bottom View

Aromatech - Bottom View

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DarkZen – Free WordPress Theme 0

Theme uses darker colors but they are nicly coordinated and don’t hurt the eye, actually quite pleasant to llok at but perhaps the best things about this theme is that it is search engine optimized, comes with a placeholder for Ads (you can sell them or use for affiliate marketing) and also has social bookmarking icons integrated – no need for extra plugin!

Darkzen Free WordPress Theme

Darkzen Free WordPress Theme

  • Advertising Ready: The theme comes with a 468×60 banner spot on the header, as well as six 125×125 ad blocks on the sidebar. The blogger should also be able to insert other AdSense units without problems.
  • Widget Ready: The theme supports widgets. Just drop the ones you use and you are ready to go.
  • Social Bookmarking Icons: Both the Homepage and single post pages already come with social bookmarking icons integrated. You can also remove or add new ones at will.
  • Customizable Sidebar: The sidebar can hold full width and split sections, so that you can customize your fields easily.
  • Search Engine Optimizated: As usual the title tags and internal pages are already optimized for search engines.

If you have any suggestion or question about this theme, just drop a comment below and we will address it.

Demo | Download

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Phase – Free WordPress Theme 0


Phase - Free WordPress Theme

Phase - Free WordPress Theme

Phase is one of my favorite dark green Free WordPress Theme.

Description: Dark green WordPress free theme with drop down menu, right widget panel, bottom widget panel, boGravatars integration, post rating plug in ready and feedburner email form integrated, easy to customize. Based on GPL code structured by Samk.
Author URI:

WordPress Theme
Demo | Download

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Find The Right Way To Advertise On Craigslist 0

Easy methods to Advertise on Craigslist

Any business, which affords services or products, is profitable to advertise on Craigslist. Irrespective of if this stuff are offered via ecommerce web sites or actual shops, the entrepreneurs can get financial profit by promoting on Craigslist. First of all, the danger associated to posting an ad on Craigslist is minimal compared to other advertising mediums. You will need to notice that advertising is free on Craigslist besides job and housing postings in particular markets. Naturally customers are required to agree to the phrases of service of this neighborhood and they’re apprehended to follow sure tips when posting advertisements but those putting adverts don’t have any monetary obligations. In consequence of this, those who put up adverts shouldn’t have to think whether or not the advert they place will fulfill their expectations so far as generated gross sales are concerned.

Reaching Prospects on Craigslist

One other cause why posting adverts of products and services on Craigslist is profitable, is that there’s attainable to succeed in a large viewers of prospects. Craigslist reality sheet supplies essential info on the amount of site visitors, which website online gets. In keeping with this data, Craigslist obtained about twenty billion page views a month and 49.4 million unique guests a month only in the United States in 2009. So far as these statistics are concerned, it is evident that ads posted on Craigslist obtain some attention from prospects. So advertising opportunities are numerous with this amount of holiday makers, butut is just not sure that any of these visitors will likely be keen on your items or services. As each marketing marketing campaign, your ads on Craigslist have to be fascinating, informative and in a city where your clients are.

How one can Discover Your Goal Audience on Craigslist

By now we’ve discussed the recognition and monthly site visitors particulars of Craigslist, but in an effort to make the most of its traffic it is important to goal your promoting campaign in a a manner directed to reach your target market as opposed to a large viewers of people who have no interest in any respect in your merchandise or services. It’s more vital to get a small viewers of those who are fascinated with your products or services than to get a bigger viewers of those people who find themselves not interested. Your target audience consists of these people who find themselves inquisitive about your products and services. The key to success is to focus on your promoting campaign in the most relevant regions. There is a sure part for corporations to promote their companies on Craigslist. This department is split into different categories. For example, companies of computer restore are wise to publish their advert within the laptop part as opposed to the automotive section, as a result of folks looking for computer assistance will naturally navigate to the pc section. Sometimes it’s perhaps enough to publish an advert in a number of sections. This can be accomplished as soon as it isn’t spamming and violation against the principles of the section. You could have some choices to decide on, if there is not a special section for the products or services supplied by you. Entrepreneurs are capable of publish an advert in the part for small enterprise ads the place it is likely to be found by folks performing a search on this section. Optionally the entrepreneur can contact Craigslist and suggest to add a new category. In the event that they imagine that this new category is suitable, they may do an inclusion.

The Difference Between Advertising and Spamming

Craigslist is designed for advertising but not for spamming. It’s allowed to put up an advert in a relevant part of Craigslist, however inserting the identical ad in nearly every part of Craigslist internet sites in a number of totally different areas is regarded as spam. Spam isn’t efficient due to a number or reasons. Prospects that see your advert in several completely different regions in all probability acknowledge the spamming methods and therefore be less disposed to help this business. If Craigslist detects steady spamming, they will delete all the postings and prohibit promoting from the individual within the future.

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Top 10 Search Engine Placement – 3 Strategies For Passive Search Engine Traffic 0

Right now, you should have a smart understanding of why it’s important to realize a prime 10 search engine placement. Obtaining a high ten spot in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for a well-liked keyword phrase will send you a boatload of traffic. And if you recognize how to convert traffic into sales, you’ll be able to create some unimaginable profits for your internet business.

But one thing that you want to apprehend is that not all SEO strategies and techniques work. If you’ve been within the SEO world for it slow, you will grasp that the search engine algorithms modification often. But so as to realize a top ten search engine placement, you only need to stick to 3 basic ways that are known to figure all the time. Mentioned in this article are 3 strategies that can facilitate your secure that high 10 search engine placement for your website.

1. The primary thing that you can do in order to induce a high 10 search engine placement is known as a writing exchange. A piece exchange is kind of just like a link exchange. But, in a commentary exchange, you’re swapping articles instead of links. During this tactic, you want to contact webmasters or editors of other connected websites in your target market and ask them if they’re willing to post your article on their web site in exchange for you posting their article on your website.

2. Another necessary step involves you varying the anchor text of your inbound links. Google is not terribly favorable towards sites that have a bunch of inbound links to their site with the identical anchor text. In Google’s eyes, this isn’t thought of natural. So, you want to return up with other keyword phrases that you’ll wish to induce a prime ten search engine placement for still and use those keywords as the anchor text also.

3. The third thing you must adhere to when trying to get a bunch of search engine traffic is to link to your other webpages. Most SEO specialist will tell you that you ought to not solely link to your homepage, but conjointly to the opposite webpages on your website. This manner, you can generate a web site with multiple prime ten search engine placement for your targeted keyword phrases. Additionally, when the search engines notice that you have links far and wide to varied webpages on your web site, then your site can be viewed as a web site that has relevant, top quality content. This can greatly improve your rankings within the search engines, especially Google.

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Making Your Web Pages Optimized Thru Search Engine Optimization Techniques 0

There are techniques on how to boost the traffic flow from a net website to varied search engines, relying on the character of the location and on bound factors regarding the looking out strategies utilized by the search engines. Search engine optimization techniques can be listed in 3 easy steps: (one) keyword optimization, (two) internet page optimization and (three) off-web site factors. The 3 steps listed on top of may or may not need the help of SEO experts as they are the fundamentals of web page manipulation.

Keyword optimization involves choosing the right keywords that will adequately establish the internet pages. Search engine optimization techniques say that the developers need to think about the main objective of the study and to clarify their intent. With the identification of such, the phrases can limit the chances of your page choice in search engines. Internet page optimization includes the insertion of the key phrases in strategic places in each internet page thus that finding them can be easier. This process uses strategizing and mixing in the information thus that the key phrases stand out and are simply recognized by search engines.

Keyword optimization involves choosing the right keywords that can adequately determine the internet pages. Search engine optimization techniques say that the developers would like to consider the main objective of the study and to clarify their intent. With the identification of such, the phrases can limit the possibilities of your page selection in search engines. Net page optimization includes the insertion of the key phrases in strategic places in every net page thus that finding them will be easier. This process uses strategizing and blending in the information therefore that the key phrases stand out and are easily recognized by search engines.

Search engine optimization techniques also embody adding links from external sites so that the pages can be accessible from alternative places. It is conjointly counseled that internet pages are listed in net directories thus that their presence is advertised on different pages. This is often equal to net marketing and advertisement wherein the pages are displayed in strategic websites.

Indexing the web pages to search engines is additionally a search engine optimization technique. There are completely different ways in which of indexing a web site, relying on the search engine. Google uses crawlers while Yahoo accepts payments for sites that are automatically included in their database indexes.

The high Search engine optimization techniques obtainable for the utilization of firms and webpage developers are the following:

1. strategically arranging the contents of the document thus that the positioning will be found and used simply
2. positioning links from outside pages thus that the web page is accessible from varied locations
3. using the right web site title for the pages so that they’re not misleading to the users
4. build heading tags outstanding and understandable
5. create sure that every one your pages are linked with every different
6. use solely the appropriate number of keywords and the concise versions for simpler access
7. provide search engines a site map therefore that searching internally can be easier
8. structure URLs systematically
9. use meta tags
10. preserve domain integrity.

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Learn The Fundamentals Of SEO Search Engine Optimization 0

These days, even the smallest business uses the Internet as a primary instrument in constructing a consumer base, retaining in touch with their purchasers and that is additionally their most simple technique of marketing. Designing a business site is cheap and effective, not to mention very important because the world vast net is the one car that provides instantaneous info access to millions of users around the globe.

Any web developer worth his salt should learn about seo or SEO. That is the solution towards building an effective website online that may get a lot of web traffic. A web site that nobody visits is ineffective so the take a look at lies in main Internet users to visit your net site. Thus, your web page should be “discovered” when users kind in keywords in serps similar to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL and others.

When a keyword involving the services or products that you just supply is entered right into a search engine, a direct hyperlink to your web site ought to emerge on high of the list. It is best to make use of web optimization methods to guide web site visitors your approach, and get extra hits that might in a while result in extra profit for your corporation, which is your objective to begin with.

Listed here are some recommendations on how you can make it to the highest of the checklist of serps, and use your search engine marketing strategies to promote your website online and your enterprise:

1. In case you already personal a site, work on optimizing your current one as an alternative of buying a brand new domain name. It may take some time earlier than your web page will show up in a particular search engine, like Google, so it’s higher to use the one that you just presently have as an alternative of switching to a brand new one.

2. Perceive your target market and know easy methods to attain them. In case you are in the music trade and a consumer varieties in your product in a search engine, then you would immediately have their goal right in entrance of them.
As quickly as the user hits the Enter button or clicks on ‘Search’, then the person will probably be result in your net site. Be sure that your audience will get ‘hooked’ in your web site. Once the various search engines present the hyperlink to your website online, their process is complete.
What it is best to do after that’s to make it possible for your visitor will not depart your web page with out them making an attempt out your products or services, or a minimum of leaving some relevant information as a way to contact them in the future for advertising and promoting purposes.
When hitting a selected target market, find out about their interests, location and age to have an idea of what you can offer them in return. Additionally, you can by some means join their interests to your merchandise and services.

3. Seek for the correct keyword. You have to be artistic, decided and versatile when searching for the keyword or key phrase phrases to use in optimizing your web site.
Google and Yahoo provide some instruments and tips about how one can give you keywords that will produce results. Do not settle for just one keyword. You can even range the phrases and phrases that you just use for every page on your website online with the intention to have extra traffic.

4. Consider your target market when designing your net site. The design itself would come with the overall theme of the web site. You should also pay attention to the minor details corresponding to color and font fashion and size.

Make it possible for the web page is easy to make use of and don’t forget to insert helpful articles, tips, hints and associated links that can be shared to other guests. It is a good factor to have an choice to ship a link or an article to a good friend, which can add extra guests and increase your buyer base. There must also be other ways to flick thru your site, to go well with each visitor. An individual may find it to troublesome use the scroll down option so you must also supply hyperlinks that are accessible to them.

5. Focus on the internet website content. Often replace the substance of your web page so that previous and new visitors can find something new when looking by way of your site. Make the content material to the purpose and precise. Writing content which has more than 600 phrases will make the guests lose curiosity, since most of them don’t truly read but just scan through the content.
Try to be the most effective and most comprehensive website online and you will make your mark when it comes to information about the services that you just provide. It helps a lot to pay attention to detail, too.
Finally, retaining your web page’s content updated is an absolute.
Spread the word about your web site and make the most of the fundamental seo strategies and you will certainly achieve clear outcomes once friends visit your web site.

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Free Wp Templates Are Easy To Get 0

WordPress is turning 7 years old this year and is currently the most popular blog publishing application available today. Over 200 million websites are using WordPress, but it may be a bit difficult to tell because of how easy WordPress customization is. Through the usage of templating and widgets integration, WordPress blogs can be customized to the web master’s liking and they do not even have to know PHP and HTML coding although those that know can benefit even more. Therefore you should make full use of the WordPress customization techniques to make the most out of your blog.

Benefits of WordPress Customization

While the default templates web theme is simple and elegant, customizing the theme allows you to give your site a personality and identity. You can put business logos or brand names and give people a better idea on what blog they are reading. It also serves as the basis for what color scheme to use since color schemes often revolve around the logo.

By combining creativity with WordPress customization, you can impress your visitors with a unique design that encourages them to subscribe to your feed or come back to check out some more content when you make updates. If you already have a fully designed website, you can utilize the WordPress customization features to enable your blog to integrate perfectly with your web site’s theme for complete branding.

How to Obtain WordPress Themes

Starters can begin by looking for the many free WordPress themes made available for download on the internet. WordPress’s very own website has its own search bar to look for WordPress themes that are linked from other theme templates. Social bookmarking websites often post links to free WordPress themes as well. Downloading is as easy as clicking the download link and saving it to your desktop. theme wp are usually ZIP files that contain several PHP files and a style.css file.

Another way to get WordPress themes is by buying them from sites that sell premium WordPress themes. These kinds of WordPress themes look more professional than the free ones and offer greater WordPress customization possibilities. Some free templates may suit your site’s theme well, but it is best to check out the WordPress premium themes and move on to a better design to create a better impression.

Installing WordPress Themes

Whether the WordPress theme is premium or free, installing the WordPress theme is also easy. Just extract the ZIP file to a folder and then upload that folder to your “themes” folder inside the “wp-content” folder. You will need an FTP program to get this done or utilize your web host’s FTP tool. Once the upload is finished, activate the template by logging in to your WordPress via wp-login.php. Go to “Design > Themes” and you should see the new theme in selection. Click the “Activate” link and refresh your website.

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Internet Layout Methodoogies 0

If your web design project is significant or even tiny, your web style project need to stick to some methodology that will help you to prioritise the steps to gathering requirements, designing and building a new client website.

Every Internet site design goes via under following 4 phases:

1. Preproduction

2. Production

3. Release

4. Maintenance


In the preproduction phase, Internet site and program details are discussed & performance is determined. It is essential to understand the needs and reasons for requiring net layout work. Essential tasks such as defining goals, targeting audience, prioritise, and so on. One can also prepare a project brief to summarize the project, develop a generalized net strategy based on the client’s needs, consult with technicians and developers to get tough estimates of the time involved, put together an outline spending budget and schedule if applicable, decide on technical solutions to fulfill customer requirements as well as finally use the technique to develop proper goals that will obviously meet the clients requirements.


Content material gathering is essential in manufacturing phase. Content is much like repository of web site such as just about all images, paperwork, reviews, audio and video files to be used in the site. This also includes information needed from the client. After content material is actually gathered, this really is followed by the design & building of website which includes creating theme webpages without graphics to show the customer how the website layout works, adding website color plan to designs, graphic design using all of the above gathered content material, maps and layouts. Last however very important, arrives Testing and handover which make certain everything is working as it was expected. There are several types of testing can be done for functional testing of specialized options, load testing, protection testing and person testing. Finally, the customer signs off the website user friendliness.


Release signifies real shipping of the product, which involves transferring the web site to a reside machine, ensuring the customer has a total duplicate of the site on drive or even Compact disc and training customers on-site operation.


Maintenance includes ensuring the website design project supervisor knows the customer’s point of contact for up-to-date content. It is actually essential to ensure that the client is actually aware of the time body, routine as well as cost of improvements. Improvements need to be completed in the timely fashion, or the customer could use the cms for their web site, which may conserve time as well as money in the long run.

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How To: Insert Ads Only After the First Post 0

Have you ever tried to insert advertisements (or any bit of code really) into the WordPress post loop, then found that it will insert the banner after each post? It really depends on what you are going for, but this usually will not be an ideal solution to placing advertisements between posts on your homepage. If you’d like to place something only after the first post in the WordPress post loop, here is a quick hack you can do to tell WordPress to only display it after the first post.

Simply go to your themes homepage and look for the following code:

<?php endwhile; ?>

Immediately before this code, place the following code:

<?php if(!$show_ads){ ?>
Insert Code Here
<?php $show_ads = 1; } ?>

Obviously you’ll want to replace Insert Code Here with your code. Told you it was easy!

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How A Search Engine Ranking Tool Functions And The Benefits Behind It 0


Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a process every webmaster is familiar with, yet it is still covered in much enigma. I have been a webmaster for quite some time now and have had relative success with using a search engine ranking tool instead of optimizing my websites manually. This is not a an advertisement-like article, so no worries I will not spam you with service links, I would like to talk about the process behind SEO and what a search engine ranking tool is capable of doing and how it does it. Read on if you are interested in my thoughts.

Search Engine Ranking Tool [part I]
The SEO process

SEO is actually a simple operation. There are two types of SEO: internal and external. Lets begin with the easy one. Internal SEO means finding the right keywords and optimizing your site for them. The “right” keyword is a keyword that is highly relevant to your niche, does not have a lot of competition and gets a healthy amount of daily searches on google (this means free google traffic for you). You then take this keyword and optimize your website by making sure to achieve a certain keyword density (usually around 2%) so that google, when indexing your page, will believe that it is highly relevant to the keyword and will index it appropriately (spot number one if you’ve done it right).

Why am I so convinced in the simplicity of the procedure while you have been spending an unnumberable amount of and take over your job. With the right search engine ranking tool you would be able to scout the most relevant, highly demanded keywords and then optimize your website accordingly. Further on, once the keywords have been acquired, the site optimization procedure can be overtaken by WordPress and the FullSEO plugin. This is really rather easy, isn’t it?

A more demanding task lies in external SEO. But do not worry, even this type of work can be outsourced to a search engine ranking tool. External SEO boils down to acquiring high valued, relevant backlinks. A backlink is simply a site linking back to your site. An re-outbound link so to say. Backlinks are only efficient when they are related to your content and come from reputable websites. This process can be automated with the help of a search engine ranking tool, too.

Search Engine Ranking Tool [part II]
What the software can do for you

Going back to internal SEO, a good search engine ranking tool is able to access a huge database of google (even better when it has access to other search engines and social networking sites) searches, source relevant keywords related to your typed in request and show detailed information. This information usually includes the amount of traffic, amount of rivals competing for top position and a relevancy score (determining whether you will be able to promote your product or service successfully or not?).

In the case of external SEO, a search engine ranking tool will scout and find relevant, highly ranked pages on google and present you with this results. This way you can “spy” on your competitors, find out how many pages are linking to them and what keywords they use to rank high. Further on, a good tool will bring out “do-follow” sites, meaning that you can leave your link there and build highly valuable, related backlinks doing wonders for your google page rank.

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Search Engine Optimization Provides A Big Help For The Majority Of Internet Users 0

SEO or the search engine optimization is the way of creating web web pages eye-catching to most from the engines like google. This is the way of altering a net website in a course of a plan and writing methods that could enhance your website about the main search engines like yahoo.

Internet search engine optimization is simply assuring that the net web pages are offered in all engines like google. And this is also centering within the means that could make them enhance the probability that world-wide-web users will come across the page utilizing search engines. For instance you can look over my online income flood guide on affiliate marketing.

A web site that is properly enhanced optimized will come to be the top placing from the search results result lists. It is incredibly substantial simply because plenty of people who use the search results would tend to only look at the very first web page. Considering a properly optimized web pages is located at the first or second web page in the internet search engine it is very achievable that the researcher will read it.

The major aim to come to be a search engine useful is to have the web pages available at the first two pages or initial webpages (if possible) for specific critical terms. These are 5 crucial rules for search engine optimization and they’re:

1. Keep in mind that each web site of your web site is usually a detach unit. Each and every web site really should relate towards the fundamentals of an efficient search engine optimization.

2. Select for a suitable critical terms or phrases that you’ll use for every single web site. It can be critical that the critical terms or phrases relates to the topic.

3. Supply every single website with a correct and appropriate title that contains the crucial word or phrases even after.

4. Once you might be choosing the important words or phrases, place it inside the page’s title tag, Meta critical terms and Meta description. The Meta description should be interesting if needed since most internet search engine make use of the description in the search engine outcomes pages.

5. Make it specific that the crucial words or phrase you have selected is reiterated sensibly all through out the page’s content. Should you did not do it, there’s a possibility that it may possibly be considered as spam and be rejected.

Some might tell you that these are only the five fundamentals to powerful search results. Nonetheless when you utilize these five basics, surely it will provide your website chances of appearing in the initial website from the most search engines like google or else at the second (which is still excellent). Consider Online Income Flood it should greatly grow your residual income.

Plenty of people are quickly gets upset when the content articles that these are searching for are unavailable inside world-wide-web. Sometimes it would take them hours and hours in search of the content. And since most of the people would rely about the content with the lookup outcomes initial page, chances are the content articles at the latter web pages will likely be noticed as much as the very first web pages.

This is what makes the search engine optimization critical this time; it helps the world wide web surfers discover their researches the easiest way achievable. Especially at this era of computer oriented lifestyle, plenty of people know how to use computers and plenty of people uses the internet for some important matters. By the help with the search engines like google, it will be straightforward for them to locate data on keywords that these are searching for.

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Best Practices Of Website Navigation In Web Site Building 0

There are lots of views of best practices for page navigation in your site design. But there should be two main aims of getting your page navigation correct – allowing visitors to find their way quickly and simply about the web site and allowing the search engines to find all relevant pages of your web site.

If you just have a small web site, half a dozen pages or so, then it is quite simple to display links to all of your pages on every page. But even then, there are mistakes that people can make so do read on!

Keep the main navigation constant
And the first of these is changing the navigation layout on every page. If the navigation structure changes on every page it can be very distracting to the visitors. For instance, dropping the present page from the list of links might alter the layout of the links across the screen and if a reader is working left to right through the links that can cause them to get lost.

Do not hide in text links
Links in text are also open to major problems. I have seen web sites in which these links are in exactly the same font, text decoration and size as the rest of the text. This is a pity as visitors on the web site will not realise that they can click a link for further information unless by several fluke they happen to drop the mouse over the hidden link.

Always have text links
I am not saying that all links must be text links, but if you are using flash, javascript or image links then at the footer of the page add text link equivalents to the pages that you are linking to. This makes sure that visitors using browsers that might not read these technologies, for example disabled and basic mobile browsers, still have the option for the links as do search engines.

Give a link back home
Quite often someone finding a page on your website will want to go to your home page before continuing through the website, or another visitor might be deep into the site and want to get to your home page. So make certain that this link is clear and simple to find.

Leave breadcrumbs
If you have a web site of only several pages then possibly not needed, but if visitors can click down through some levels of pages then telling them where they are is a must. The breadcrumbs would usually provide another link to the home page and the pages above the present page. Such as, on an ecommerce website they may collection home page, category page, sub category page and then display the present page name for confirmation.

Written by Keith Lunt, who offers a Merseyside web design service. For more useful tips, call into the web design blog.

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