Aromatech – Free WordPress Theme

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Aromatech - Free WordPress Theme

Aromatech - Free WordPress Theme

Description: Light blue colors but they are quite pleasant to look at. Perhaps the best things about this theme is that it is search engine optimized, right widget panel, bottom widget panel, Gravatars integration, easy to customize. Based on GPL code structured by cmDesign.

Widget Ready: The theme supports widgets. Just drop the ones you use and you are ready to go.

Search Engine Optimizated: As usual the title tags and internal pages are already optimized for search engines.

Author URI:


Having any questions, suggestions, concerns feel free to drop your note below.

Sidebar - Aromatech Free WordPress

Sidebar - Aromatech Free WordPress

Aromatech - Bottom View

Aromatech - Bottom View

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DarkZen – Free WordPress Theme 0

Theme uses darker colors but they are nicly coordinated and don’t hurt the eye, actually quite pleasant to llok at but perhaps the best things about this theme is that it is search engine optimized, comes with a placeholder for Ads (you can sell them or use for affiliate marketing) and also has social bookmarking icons integrated – no need for extra plugin!

Darkzen Free WordPress Theme

Darkzen Free WordPress Theme

  • Advertising Ready: The theme comes with a 468×60 banner spot on the header, as well as six 125×125 ad blocks on the sidebar. The blogger should also be able to insert other AdSense units without problems.
  • Widget Ready: The theme supports widgets. Just drop the ones you use and you are ready to go.
  • Social Bookmarking Icons: Both the Homepage and single post pages already come with social bookmarking icons integrated. You can also remove or add new ones at will.
  • Customizable Sidebar: The sidebar can hold full width and split sections, so that you can customize your fields easily.
  • Search Engine Optimizated: As usual the title tags and internal pages are already optimized for search engines.

If you have any suggestion or question about this theme, just drop a comment below and we will address it.

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Phase – Free WordPress Theme 0


Phase - Free WordPress Theme

Phase - Free WordPress Theme

Phase is one of my favorite dark green Free WordPress Theme.

Description: Dark green WordPress free theme with drop down menu, right widget panel, bottom widget panel, boGravatars integration, post rating plug in ready and feedburner email form integrated, easy to customize. Based on GPL code structured by Samk.
Author URI:

WordPress Theme
Demo | Download

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Key Word Specific Advertisements Equals Greater Search Engine Rankings 0

Search phrases are an vital component of producing a world-wide-web website. These are the words which the look for engines use to aid categorize and rank your pages. For instance, if your web page is about ‘writing articles’ then your key terms could consist of ‘writing’, ‘articles’, ‘article writing’ and so on.

The guidance from quite a few net designers and seek motor optimizers has been to uncover as numerous key phrases as you’ll be able to. They advise you to seek for keywords and phrases making use of a variety of on the net tools and software programs which can identify leading key phrases. At very first sight this seems attractive, but it really defies logic.

Let’s take a look at the aim of a lookup motor. Its job would be to track down pages that meet the particular look for expression that a internet surfer has typed in. The a lot more closely the pages it serves up match the look for expression, the much better it really is for users. Research engines need to have to be as accurate as feasible in delivering the proper material to their users. Otherwise the net surfer goes elsewhere.

Now imagine you’re a look for motor algorithm – the mathematical program which calculates the probability of any world-wide-web web site matching the research expression typed in. If the site has hundreds, or thousands of search phrases you are going to be a bit confused. Follow the route, go through social profit formula and grow to be wealthy and make your desires come true permanently!!

For instance, is this internet web site about ‘article writing’, or is it about ‘feature writing for journalists’. They’re unique things. You will end up knowing the web page is relevant but not that relevant. So you rank it down the bottom.

But what if the web page only has the keyword ‘article writing’ various times? You’re absolutely clear the web site is about article writing and so you rank it extremely. Admittedly, it’s not quite as uncomplicated as this. But this is the principle of lookup motor technology. It’s trying to come across the most relevant pages that match the look for expression.

What this means for Web marketers is that you need to have separate pages for each and every keyword. Focus each and every web page on every single individual keyword. Use the keyword in headings, sub-headings, the web site text, the site title tag and inside the Meta tags. When you read my Social Profit Formula article, if you do not learn something new whenever you read the document, are you disposed to learning additional about the person, organization, or products represented by the post writer?

Avoid having pages which contain numerous key-words as that merely confuses the research engines and lowers your rankings. So forget the assistance to have hundreds or thousands of key terms. Go for single pages that match single keywords and phrases and you’ll discover your web site traffic boost.

This trick also works for Google Adwords. Every advert must apply to just a handful of key terms – you get much higher click via rates and for that reason less costly advertising whenever you only have a couple of search phrases per advert. If you’ve hundreds of key phrases you are going to discover you are going to get higher results by having keyword unique ads, rather than one advert with hundreds of keywords and phrases. So go against the assistance of filling your pages and adverts with keywords and phrases. Go unique.

Access useful recommendations in the sphere of internet marketing – make sure to read the webpage. The time has come when proper information is truly only one click of your mouse, use this chance.

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Insight To SEO Jargon 0

You probably have a web-based business, sooner or later you will begin trying into search engine optimization. Better often known as search engine marketing, the sphere is stuffed with jargon. Here is a little readability on a number of the terms used.

As you probably know, the web has developed a language all its own. Electronic mail and text messages come with all types of abbreviations from ROTFL [rolling on the ground laughing] to btw [by the best way] and a few others that I cant embrace here on account of their colorful nature. Search engine marketing is no different and listed here are a couple of of the more widespread abbreviations with explanations.

1. SERPs This abbreviation stands for search engine end result pages. It’s sometimes used to in relation to rankings on a particular search engine, to wit, the SERPS on Google just changed for the key phrase phrase

2. Black Hat This term refers to methods used to obtain visitors via optimization. Although the exact definition is highly contested, it essentially means using tips or ways that violate search engine standards to acquire a desired result. As an illustration, cloaking is taken into account a black hat tactic.

3. Cloaking – Cloaking is a method whereby a search engine spider is advised one thing is on a web site page whereas guests see one thing else.

4. White Hat White hat is simply the alternative of black hat optimization, to wit, requirements are followed.

5. KD Stands for key phrase density and refers back to the variety of occasions the key phrase phrase you might be optimizing for appears on the site web page in question.

6. Spiders/Bots refers to the applications that serps use to crawl the web and index sites. There is Googlebot, YahooSlurp and MSNbot to say solely a few.

7. Metas The term refers back to the meta tags which might be on a site. Meta tags simply tell a search engine spider or bot what’s on the web page in question. There are three meta tags meta title, meta key phrases and meta description which might be mostly used. Beforehand had been crucial to search engine optimization efforts, but much less so today.

8. Anchor Textual content This refers to the seen text in a hyperlink. When buying and selling hyperlinks or publishing articles, one typically needs to use anchor textual content that matches the key phrase phrase on the web page being linked to.

9. Google Dance Google used to do updates each few months the place all of the rankings would change across all keywords. This was known as a dance for some reason. It was either an excellent or unhealthy day for your optimization efforts. Google does still dance occasionally, but has moved extra to a daily or weekly change in its rankings.

10. IBL This refers to links pointing to your site. The objective is to get other trusted sites which are authorities for certain topics much like your personal to link to you.

Obviously, there are many different phrases and abbreviations that are utilized in SEO. This list, nonetheless, ought to a minimum of give you an concept of who’s saying what.

Halstatt Pires is with – offering seo services.

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Four Reasons Why You Need To Make Use Of Joomla 1.5 Templates For Your Website Design 0

Website design is an important part to any business looking to find success in the on-line surroundings. The appearance and features of your website will usually be a leading issue of whether consumers would buy from your company or look for another on line business. If you’re looking to make the most of your on line potential, turn towards joomla 1.5 templates for the best web-site design opportunity. There are four major reasons that you must choose joomla 1.5 templates to aid in your company website design.

The first reason to utilize best joomla templates for your web-site design is with the selection that is offered to you. The online environment is cluttered with mirror sites providing clients with the same boring look and features. Joomla 1.5 templates can provide you the selection and options you need to create a unique web site that will push your store and encourage clientele to visit. This variety of joomla 1.5 templates could be found in its fundamental design and even contains the many features you can utilize to make the most of your attraction and selling opportunities.

The next reason to use joomla 1.5 templates is found with the organization which can be offered. Another weakness of present on-line web sites is that businesses are placing so many features on their web-site to draw consumers, that it is cluttering the purpose of their site.

Features are meant to draw consumers but they should not be the chief reason which consumers stay on your web-site. Joomla 1.5 templates could provide you with the organization you need in order to strike a balance between features of attraction and the purpose of your online business.

The third reason to make use of joomla 1.5 templates for your website design is the speed of implementation. Most businesses which make the decision to go on line want to begin the business opportunity as soon as possible but are often held up by the details of starting their own website. With joomla 1.5 templates you’ll discover a layout which simplifies the design process and expedites your abilities to get online. This way you achieve a quality website which is up very fast so that your business could begin to make sales.

The last reason to use premium joomla templates for your business is found with the quality that is offered with their services. Many businesses would offer you very low prices but only offer the most generic and rudimentary of website options. In order to get a high quality web site, other companies ask that you pay a large amount to access their more high quality options. With joomla 1.5 templates you will discover options which are very high in quality, originality and provide you the opportunity to create a unique site.

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Adsense Good Or Bad 0

I have usually pondered this query?

Listed below are my very own basic thoughts on the advanced subject.

Most web sites I go to have some type of adsense system working; I’d estimate that some of these are making good cash from the Google system. Actually websites with over a thousand visitors per day ought to receive a small quantity of revenue.

Generally I imagine the adsense system is a good one, however like most issues these days the adsense system has been misused by individuals who absolutely perceive how search engines like google work; sadly these people have already made their money. These people have used many tactics prior to now to boost their sites web page ranking, thus making certain extra visitors, extra visitors means extra revenue from the system. These sites are usually saved open for a number of months after which closed down, with the subsequent one immediately opened up. This observe has been happening for years. The websites are even sold daily on EBay; I would think about they’re just about to be banned.

What normally occurs when just a few folks misuse a system is it results in others struggling, and in this case it has happened. Google is sandboxing new websites for longer. Saying this firm needed to act, they’ve now introduced the “Large Daddy” update. This update has affected sites which have giant numbers of irrelevant links or thousands and thousands of irrelevant internet pages. Sadly it has also affected the ranking of real businesses; hopefully this is just a momentary blip. My own opinion is the internet ought to be a degree taking part in area for everyone; nevertheless I in some way doubt it ever will be.

Go to now –

I consider there’s a place for adsense on most websites as long as it’s discrete, effectively set up and does not look out of place, (fonts, colours and so forth), The main thing to think about is what would you like from your visitors. Most websites provide a product to potential customers. This causes the dilemma of balancing potential income from adsense against dropping a possible customer, what I imply by that is, a customer could also be all in favour of your website, nevertheless you could possibly lose them immediately to Google. Because of this in my view is if your web site has a product you’re selling, it is best to by no means employ adsense in your homepage.

In conclusion I just like the system, it is simple to set up and consumer friendly. I hope Google manage to filter out the unethical element who ultimately will solely spoil issues for everyone.

A brand new portal that permits folks to record their Enterprise for Sale.

This article is free for republishing.

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Industry Standard Web Design Programs And Their Alternatives 0

To start off with you will need some sort of code editor to meet your web design requirements. Having a good understanding of the underlying code used to create a website will give you a much greater flexibility when you produce your websites. CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the visual markup languages that you should gain some understanding of.

In industry situations you will find that the most commonly used web design program is Adobe’s Dreamweaver, which offers a lot in the way of code functionality. Whilst this is a very powerful solution with features such as assisted syntax writing you may not need all of the features offered by the program. Although as far as code editing goes you can achieve most of what you need with simple text editor. Notepad++ is a free text editor which provides all of these important features.

Of course you will also need the ability to edit and optimise photos for use on the web. Again Adobe has Photoshop for some serious editing although you will find that Adobe Fireworks is geared more towards producing web optimised images. The size of images is always an issue when it comes to creating a website that looks great but is quick as well. You can use GIMP which is free and very popular amongst people who don’t want to shell out for programs such as Photoshop.

You will also need some sort of FTP program to upload your files to the internet where everyone can see them. Dreamweaver already has an FTP client integrated into the software so there are no problems there but an alternative would be FileZilla. Whilst it may be a little tricky to configure an FTP client if you have never done it before there are many video tutorials available on the web which can help you.

For nearly every piece of highly priced software there is an open source or free alternative you can use. A good place to start looking is where you can put in any of the high end software that you think you would like to use and find something that performs a similar task. Once you are proficient with your website design skills you may want to consider trying some SEO or internet marketing techniques to help boost the profile of your new website.

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Common Misconceptions About Web Traffic And Search Engines 0

Starting and maintaining a website is not just about creating a homepage then some subpages then posting them in the internet. Especially if your planning on having an ecommerce site.

There tens of millions of websites in the internet and chances are high you are not alone with the site you have in mind. The competition can bury you if you don’t do anything to promote your site and let the people know that you are out there. Without any web traffic, your site is as good as non-existent.

Web traffic is a vital component in generating profit and a successful website. It determines the ranking and the rate of websites. If the web designers cannot produce the targeted visitors for the websites, the sale will go down.

In normal ways, the owner and the webmasters of a certain site are the persons in charge to carry the web traffic to a definite search engine.

Search engines are the main ingredient in order for the website to produce traffic and visitors.

Web traffic can be very important as well in terms of advertising. The old way of advertising in the real world is very costly, well not in web traffic. It is also very significant in terms of publishing the products. By means of web traffic business the product can be publicized without spending a lot of money.

Another important matter is, web traffic can generate income to the web owner. The websites must have a high standing in ranking in search engines and reliable information for the visitors.

On the other hand, search engines can maximize the generated target for the web visitors. Unluckily, there are a lot of websites owners and webmasters who do not know the importance of search engine ranking.

Ranking in search engines is very important because it leads to web traffic. Most of the web owners want to have a good-looking website without taking the consideration of the ranking. Remember that belonging on the top rank can take you to the top.

The importance of web traffic must be given a huge concern and attention. Here are the lists of frequent error that the web owner usually committed.

• Most of the web designers do not use the keywords efficiently. Keywords are very effective in terms of web traffic. It is the best way for the search engines to rank the websites. The keywords must be the key for the visitors to locate the site easily.

• Replicating similar keywords. There are webmasters who keeps on repeating the same keywords over and over again. It is called keyword stocking. As a result, the search engine may skip the page or the entire website.

• Raiding the pages and other websites. It is important for the web designer to know how important links are. Most of the time, there are web designers who rob icons from other websites and use it for their own purpose. The web designers should have a unique idea of their own. Search engines are very powerful in detecting the websites that have the same icon content. It is very important in order to prevent the sites from being out listed in the main search engines.

• There are webmasters and designers who use the keywords that are not connected to their websites. One thing that they should do is to maintain websites that have protocol. The unconnected topics and keywords must be removed. Remember search engines are smart, it can consider the page as spam and be automatically eliminated from the list.

• Having stuffed keywords. There are websites that have a multiple graphic description. Stuffed keywords can make the websites layered and appeared awkward to the search engines. If the search engines detected the website parameter that contains massive amount of keywords and graphics, the search engine can consider the site as spam.

• There are websites that relies on the hidden text. The keywords should not be hidden or invisible. There are clever designers who hide keywords by making it appears as the same color with the site background.

• False presumption about search engines. There are web designers who presume that all search engines has the same category that plays the same functions and roles. Make it a point to learn about the appropriate requirements of each search engine.

• As much as possible don’t use free web hosting. One of the basic significance of web hosting is to have a promising increase on search engine ranking.

Web designers must not commit those said mistakes in order to gain high-ranking sites. It will also keep the websites from being banned by the search engines. Keep in mind that if the websites has a lot of visitors it can also promise the web owner a soaring profit.

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We Explain The Basics Of Creating An Internet Presence – Key Points For Any New Business. 0

It is no secret that internet has developed over the last few years into perhaps the most important single advertising medium in the world. It is therefore of central importance for any new business to make sure that the not only have a website, but that it can be found! In realistic terms this really means that you need to be in the top ten results on Google for your important keywords, very few people (less than one percent) actually bother to even look at the second page of results. In this article I will discuss some important aspects about website design and SEO, with any luck a few people will find this information invaluable when it comes to creating their first website and creating the rankings they need to make that site a success.

1. Web Design.
There are a few frequent mistakes that people make when creating a new website, or commissioning a website to be made for them. By outlining these mistakes below hopefully you can avoid falling into the same pitfalls and then spending avoidable funds correcting the problem at a later date.

Flash websites.
We all know that websites made from flash are stunning to look at, this is a fact, but it is also a fact that search engines cannot read flash content. If you make your website using this method, you are ultimately shooting yourself in the foot, if the search engines cannot see your content they will not index you! The use of flash for banners is all right, and aslong as you use it for images only it will not cause a problem. The golden rule of thumb is to not use flash for textual content or navigation purposes.

Layout And usability.
Make sure your website is intuative, the simple fact is that people are just not willing to spend any real length of time trying to figure out how your website works. Layout should be clean and fresh with any large sections of text split into paragraphs and supported with images or diagrams wherever achievable.

2. Search Engine Optimisation.
There is plenty of information on the internet regarding SEO, but unless this is something that you intend to contribute a set period of time to every day, then I suggest you genuinely consider outsourcing to a professional SEO Services company. This way you can be sure that your site is optimised to the uppermost standards, and that you have a dedicated and experienced team of linkbuilders who are running your campaign for you. SEO Services can be attained for a very moddest sum, as little as £80 per month, although the level of competition of your main keywords will influence the price you are given. SEO can be done by almost anyone, but most businesses prefer to contract out due to the fact that linkbuilding is very time consuming work.

Check out practical recommendations about the topic of internet marketing – please go through this webpage. The time has come when concise information is really within one click, use this possibility.

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On-line Marketing And Industry – We Highlight The Truth About SEO And How Many Businesses Overlook It. 0

Analytics SEO recently conducted a survey on the behalf of marketing giant Thomson Local, the findings are shocking and showed that almost half company websites were seriously neglecting SEO and had only very rudimentary levels of optimisation both on and off page. Perhaps even more disconcertingly, smaller businesses were the worst of the bunch and around seventy percent of websites belonging to companies that employed fewer than fifty workers had next to no tangible optimisation to speak of.

Tracking software which amongst the SEO community is considered critical to track the performance of any campaign was also found to be alarmingly scarce, with only twenty six percent of business websites having any analytical software in place.

Meanwhile a separate investigation carried out by Comscore Study for IProspect and Searchandise Commerce reveals that online purchasing has now reached such a fertile level that 20% of all purchases now involve the internet, either to locate local stockists of goods for a physical store visit, or for online purchasing via e commerce. The conclusion is clear, seventy percent of all businesses are passing up one in five potential sales by neglecting to consider SEO Services as a basic component of their marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation is statistically the highest return method of marketing on the planet, so why are so many businesses turning their back on SEO Services? Well some of these businesses have been left thinking that Search engine optimisation simply does not work, after having had a previous negative experience with a dishonest SEO company, others may simply believe that SEO is out of their price range and that they simply cannot afford to achieve first page rankings on google for relevant keywords. Both of these beliefs are erroneous. The reality is that Search engine marketing does work, and there are worthwhile keywords for nearly any niche that can be selected to meet not only a businesses target market, but also the fiscal limitations of their campaign budget.

Caution is urged whilst identifying an SEO company to manage your campaign. Like any other industry, and perhaps more so, there are rogue dealers who are more than happy to relieve you of your marketing budget by providing you with a plethora of hollow promises. And conversely, there are also many companies who are genuine and have the skills and sincerity to provide a indispensable service, only through diligence will you separate the two.

Ask to see client references, and then confirm their tenacity by contacting the clients in person, ask questions concerning the levels of communication, and how good the company is at clarifying technical jargon into understandable English. Ask about the return on investment that the company has experienced. Check that the company has provided you with samples of rankings they have accomplished for clients and that these rankings are for genuinely competitive terms not just for long tailed localized keywords with almost no competition, and finally check the rankings of the SEO companies own website, If you are happy with the responses that you get from the above questions the chances are that the firm you are considering provide services of a good quality.

Find realistic information about internet marketing – make sure to read the site. The time has come when concise info is truly within one click, use this chance.

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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners : How to Upload & Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, or other doc in WordPress 2.7 0

This WordPress tutorial shows how to upload and link to a PDF, Microsoft Word Document, Excel, PowerPoint or other document. When finished, you will have a link in your WordPress Post or Page that site visitors can click on to download the document.

1. Log in to your admin panel

2. Click the Media button on the right side.


3. Click Add New link under Media tab.


4. Click Select Files button.


5. Select the file on your local computer and click open button.

6. Remember the url in the File URL.

7. Click Save all changes.


8. Next

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Investigating The Alternative Optimisation Procedures For Google, Yahoo And Bing 0

Much is talked about seo methods and what is required to get to the top of any particular search engine. But, most of these discussions centre round what is required for Google optimisation. This is fine, considering they currently carry most of the search visitors, but what about Yahoo and Bing, both of which have loads of traffic?

A while ago I started to optimise two of my own different websites for the same keyword phrase, and more than the 15 months since I started this I have watched them move about and finally one of them take top spot on Google. At the same time, the other website takes 2nd spot on Yahoo and Bing and 4th on Google.

This is tremendous, but the site that is 1st on Google is not on the top page of Yahoo nor MSN, which tells me masses about the different techniques used to optimise for these search engines.

Now I have to point out that I have done stacks more work for the website that is top of Google and that is why it, rather than the other web site, takes top spot there. But, that indicates clearly what is required to reach the dizzy heights of first place on Google – masses of article writing and guest posting. I have lost count of how a lot of articles and guest posts I have submitted to a whole arrange of directories and websites, but it has been done on the side of other activities, so it is achievable by anyone.

The important factor is that the site does not feature top 10 in Yahoo and Bing, even though the other website is second, with less articles and guest posts. For these search engines other factors are vital.

With these search engines, the inbound links have been important. That web site would not have risen the way it has without them, but Yahoo and Bing do not put so much total faith in the incoming links. For the website that does well on these two search engines is also the website that I did a little bit (but not too much!) work on the code.

Both web-sites have the keyword phrase in the title meta, but it is merely the one that does well in Bing and Yahoo that then goes on with supplementary mentions of the phrase. This web site also has the keywords in the meta description, the keywords and twice in the body (once being in emphasised text). They also appear in a h1, but as part of a longer phrase.

So to reach top spot in Google, one reference on the page is enough (and even that is not required), but to rank well for Bing & Yahoo, make certain that you do at least reference the search terms a couple of times, but do not go excessive.

For more affordable website promotion tricks, pop into the site. Written by Keith Lunt of real website traffic.

Find realistic information about internet marketing – please make sure to study this web site. The times have come when concise info is truly within your reach, use this chance.

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